What is Trojan


Trojan is a malicious application developed for the specific purpose.

It is a small program or script which runs hidden or anonymously in a system.
With the effect of trojan, an attacker may access to many credentials and sensitive information like stored passwords, account details from the trojaned target.

In the trojaned target, an attacker is able to perform several actions like reading the data,
showing up a message or change several possible things.
An attacker may transfer files from target system to attacker system and can harm the target to a very great extent.

Generally, this phase is used after gaining the access into the system.
Once the attacker gain access into the system, he installs the trojan or backdoors to further maintain the
access and for the future access in the system.

Trojans mainly have two components

1. Overt

Overt component covers what actually user see.
Generally, this is the destructive phase where an attacker plots the trojan by the wrapping them executable
files like freeware software or games which are openly available.
Generally, the games or freeware applications downloaded from untrusted sources contains Trojans to keep track
on your system activity.

2. Covert

Covert component covers the transmissiWhenof data over the network violation policies.

In covert component following come into play:

a. Rootkits.
b. Backdoors.
d. Spywares.

Working of a trojan

1. When the trojaned system comes online i.e. when the trojaned system is an active connection, an attacker can
access to that system.

2. Access enables attacker to deploy various attacks on the trojaned target.


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